Thursday, February 2, 2012

Books We've Read Together

A good idea that worked for me...

Years ago, I read the idea to keep a "running" list of read alouds in Guiding Readers and Writers by Fountas and Pinnell. However, this year is the first time I've ever tried it and stuck to it.  Everytime I read a book aloud to the class I record it on an ongoing list along with the book's genre.  Our list has grown to 73 titles as of today. 
The kids love it... they guess how many days it will be until we read our 100th book, they refer to it when we are discussing books, they talk about which book is their favorite, and they use it when they are writing in their journals.  They'll say "This story reminds me of the book we read...." then, they'll look at the chart, and remember.  The possibilities are endless.  They are begging to have a celebration for our 100th book.:)  Just an idea... thought I'd share.  :)

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