Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 for Money

$ Money $
7 Great Titles for Teaching Money
 1.  Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday  By:  Judith Viorst
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2.  "Smart" (poem) from Where The Sidewalk Ends  By: Shel Silverstein
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3.  The Go Around Dollar By: Barbara Adams
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4.  How the Second Grade Got $8205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty  By:  Nathan Zimelman
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5.  If You Made a Million By: David Schwartz
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6.  Money Madness By: David Adler
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7.  The Case of the Shrunken Allowance By: Joanne Rocklin
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4 for Homonyms

Teaching Homonyms
1. Dear Deer  By: Gene Barretta

2. My Deer is a Dear  By:  Mary-Elizabeth Salzmann

3. How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?  By: Brian P. Cleary

4. Eight Ate a Feast of Homonym Riddles  By: Marvin Terban

8 for Idioms

teaching them is as easy as pie with a few good titles!
1.  Even More Parts By:  Ted Arnold
2.  In a Pickle: & Other Funny Idioms By: Marvin Terban
3.  Mad as a Wet Hen  By:  Marvin Terban
4.  Raining Cats and Dogs  By:  Will Moses
5.  My Momma Likes to Say  By:  Denise Brennan-Wilson

6.  My Daddy Likes to Say By:  Denise Brennan-Wilson

7.  My Grandma Likes to Say By:  Denise Brennan-Wilson
8.  My Teacher Likes to Say  By:  Denise Brennan-Wilson

3 more for Inferring

Inferring~ a few more ideas

1.  How Many Days to America? By: Eve Bunting

Plot Description:  An island refugee family endures many hardships to come to America.  They find freedom, safety, and many reasons to be thankful. 

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character goals, Character emotions, Theme of gratitude

Anchor Chart idea:  I used paper clips so this chart could be reused, and I typed the text passages.  We came up with the inferences during the read aloud. 

2.  Dear Mrs. LaRue  Letters From Obedience School  By: Mark Teague

Plot Description:  This book is a series of entertaining letters from Ike the dog to his owner Mrs. LaRue.  Mrs. LaRue sent Ike to Obedience School for many good reasons. 

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Use of rich vocabulary in your writing, Synonyms, Letter writing

Anchor chart idea:

3.  Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare  By: Patricia Polacco

Plot Description:  This book is another heartwarming tale of sibling rivalry by Patricia Polacco.  The kids will laugh and easily identify with the measures that the two characters will go to in order to be "the best." 

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character traits and feelings, Text/self connections, Text/Text connections (If you have read My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother,) Use of rich vocabulary in your writing, Writing from personal experience, Synonyms, Theme of family

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 for Inferring

Here goes my first post ever... newbie to the blog world.  I love to share my book ideas so I thought I'd give it a try.  Let me know what you think and if there is a strategy or topic you'd like to see.
Inferring ~ A tricky one to teach
1.  Dandelions By: Eve Bunting  

Plot Description:  This a heartwarming story about a family moving west to start a new life.  Mama and  Zoe are at first very unsure and homesick, however throughout the book there are events that help them begin to change their mind.  At the story's conclusion, the characters are more content and hopeful for the future.  

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character traits, Character feelings, Characters experiencing  change, Sequence of events, Theme of Family or Change


2.  Babushka's Doll by Patricia Polacco
Babushka's Doll
Plot Description:  This story is about an impatient and ill-tempered little girl named Natasha.  Her grandmother (Babushka) decides to teach her a lesson with the help of a little magic.  By the end of the story, Natasha understands the importance of being considerate of others.  
Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character traits, Characters experiencing change, Cause and Effect,  Sequence of events

3.  The Memory String  By:  Eve Buntiing
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Plot Description:  This is a story about a little girl who is adjusting to her new step-mother.  She has a "memory string" to remind her of her own mother.  Through a series of events, she learns that her new step mom has the best of intentions, and maybe she isn't so bad after all. 

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character traits, Character feelings, Characters experiencing change, Theme of Change or Acceptance

4.  My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother By: Patricia Polacco
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Plot Description:  This is an entertaining story with a focus on family and the bonds that they share.  Patricia and Ritchie are typical siblings who squabble and tease each other throughout the book.  There is an event that triggers a change in their relationship.  Their relationship changes for the better, and they learn what being family is all about.  Patricia feels differently about her brother at the end of the story.  

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character Traits, Character emotions, Characters experiencing conflict and change, Text/Self Connections 

5.  The Gardener  By:  Sarah Stewart
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Plot DescriptionThis story is set during the Great Depression.  Lydia Grace travels to live with her Uncle Jim because her parents can't afford to take care of her.  She is strong, brave and compassionate throughout the story.  Her uncle is quite cantankerous throughout the story, however readers see a gradual change in his demeanor. 

Read this to teach:  Inferring, Character traits, Characters experiencing change, Synthesis strategy 

Inferring Anchor Chart Idea:
Theme Idea:
After read alouds, we discuss theme and use a sticky note to display the book under its theme.  I've seen this idea on blogs before, not sure where the credit belongs, but this is my adaptation.